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!st Light Powwow at Niswasocket Affiliated Tribes of N.E. Indians

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May 17th & 18th 2014 4 th Annual Powwow at River Island Park Bernon St. Woonsocket RI

Affiliated Tribes of New England in DC

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George Spring Buffalo Chairman of the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe of the Pokanoket Nation meets with Washington DC members. Spring Buffalo presents the official documents of the Affiliated Tribes of New England Indians and a 500 page report of the Pocasset's history as members of the Pokanoket Nation to Congressman McGovern, Members of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Committee on Indian Affairs. Chairman Spring Buffalo reaffirms that Pocasset Wampanoags want their Federal Recognition reinstituted because the Feds had always prior to 1934 had a working relationship with the tribe. Chairman Spring Buffalo states that " We are descendants of the Royal line of Massasoit " The Affiliated Tribes have banded together at a summit in March of 2010 at the Pocasset Tribal Powwow, which gives honor to the children of the nations. It was a great start to unification stated by Vice Chairman Daryl Black Eagle. The Powwow was named after Chief Lightning Foot Clinton Wixon whom was  Vice Chairman Black Eagles personal friend and mentor and keeper of the language.

Chief Sachem Edward Gray Fox Page whom spends most of his time on the Wattupa Reservation home to the Pocasset's for over 300 years is pleased with the outcome of this Washington DC trip.

1st Annual First Light Powwow Affiliated Tribes of New England Indians

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July 9th 2011 Marked the 1st annual Affiliated Tribes of New England Powwow. The Powwow was held at Kennedy Plaza Downtown Providence at Burnside Park. Vendors from all over Indian Country participated in the powwow. The Host and Co Host Drums were Eastern Medicine Singers and Eagle Sings Drum both traditional Eastern Style Drums. The Affiliated Tribes members participated as well as Chief's and Council's from all over Indian Country. Some notable figures were Chief Linda Yellowfeather Chappiquiddic , Chief Joyce Gauvin Metis 13 Moons, Sagamore Bill Guy Pokanoket Nation, Cliff Guy Spiritual Leader Pokanoket Nation, George Spring Buffalo Chairman Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe, and so many others we thank you all for making it a wonderful powwow.

We estimated over 1,000 visitors to the event and hope to continue it next year in 2012. This event was meant to unify all the Eastern Tribes in one place together on common ground. We are all still here to support each other.

Chappiquiddic Farming Project

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Chief Sachem Linda Yellowfeather Morceau of the Chappiquiddic Tribe was awarded farmland to form a native american community garden. The Chief met with Fairhaven landtrust officials in Oct 2011 with the help of Cora Pierce a local native historian and native descendant and continued supporter of the Affiliated Tribes of New England Indians.

Chief Yellowfeather was awarded several acres to use. In addition have her Peaceful Gathering Center a non profit organization housed at the location. Chief Yellowfeather is planning now to get this project off in the early spring. She will be looking for all kinds of donations of organic seed and farming equipment to feed the native community.

Affiliated Tribes 1st Annual Dinner

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Thanks to all the Affiliated Tribal Members for the first annual dinner at The Broaster House in Woonsocket RI. This was the first of many gatherings we will be holding to network and speak of the nations news.


We had 37 members representing the tribes that were present. Much great news was shared, Pharmacy cards were passed out and a Powwow on the Boston Common 1st ever was Hosted by George Lone Wolf Thomas Pequot & Cherokee Nation he was one of the speakers that night. Great strides have been made in less than one year and will be continued. The Affilited Tribes annual meeting will be at 9:15 am at the Pocasset Powwow 3/6/11 in Fall River MA.


Thanks to All

Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson

Health & Insurance

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We are proud to introduce our pharmacy savings card to our affiliation members. It is good at your local pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart ect. Please contact us to get them free of charge to our members. Your generic savings will be about 40% on prescriptions and 10% on standard prescriptions. We are also working on discount auto, home and life insurance.


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